We bring to YOU - the Customer, a proven track record of over 30 years of General Contracting Experience.  This includes Custom Homes, Custom Remodels, and our specialty - Hard to Build Homes.  We have always met, and often exceeded our customers expectations.  

General Contracting:

Most of my work over the past zillion years was contracted with my serving as the General. Sometimes we bid the job like the normal process we are all familiar with. Other times we worked cost plus, or time and materials, or for a fixed fee. All of these methods work depending on the project, the parties involved and the time line. Each one has its advantages. The best thing to do here is talk to potential builders about how they approach your project, their business, and how compatible you are. Then do your homework. There are lots of resources on the web and in the library. For every hour you spend researching you will save a long time in court. There are a lot of strong personalities involved in the project and they will protect their territory like a wounded duck, so make sure you can either work with them or intimidate them before you get in bed with them. Talk and listen and listen and listen, especially to what they are not saying. This is in addition to checking references, licenses, etc.

Contracting Services are only available at this time in the San Francisco - Bay Area and the Greater Las Vegas Valley.